"Collapse" is truly modern Black metal that stands tall with intelligent, political and philosophical concepts, and rages forth with a violence and intense emotion that few can ever hope to achieve.

This CD has appeared on many Best Black Metal Albums of 2009 lists. Panopticon is represents anarchism, subjectivism, society, paganism, pantheism, Norse mythology, and heathenism. Panopticon revolts against consumer-driven music, apolitical and boring / stale satanism and racist bullshit that plagues the black metal community. No rulers, no masters!



PANOPTICON - Pro-Manufactured patch

Dimensions: 4.3" X 2.1" Printed White on Black patch

Panopticon is intensely emotional and atmospheric Black Metal that transcends the genre
with both boots deeply submerged in the grim aggression that keeps the underground flame burning.

Blazing modern raw black metal seemlessly merges with American bluegrass and folk using a myriad of wind, stringed, and keyed instruments. Where other bands seem to force the blend of styles, Panopticon never falters.

This is black metal unafraid to experiment with other musical genres and styles. It is steeped in history, Pagan Norse mythology, and a well-educated philosophy of anarchism in support of a strong, small community versus a nation of complacency and spinelessness.

Panopticon proudly defends their political beliefs and does so intelligently with true strength and courage.
Panopticon can transform you and prepare you for the imminent collapse of industrialized society as we know it.