PANOPTICON - "Panopticon" CD

PANOPTICON "Panopticon" CD

The Panopticon - "Panopticon" CD is a full 8-page panoramic layout printed with silver layers overprints and black and white to honor the true underground attitude. A single-page insert with the artist's complete explanation of the concepts behind this album is also included.

PANOPTICON - "Panopticon" CD

Panopticon will send you to the heights of exasperated fury and to the grim depths of your soul with genuine emotion and conviction that few underground artists ever achieve.

Though this pro-manufactured CD will be never be as unique as the original hand-silkscreened version previously made by the artist, we hope this version will get the work out there for even more to experience. As well as give the multitude of collectors the chance at this much sought-after jem of underground black metal.

After last year's groundbreaking "Collapse" full-length and split CDs with bands "Lake of Blood" and "Wheels Within Wheels", the now legendary and much sought-after masterwork "Panopticon" has been re-issued in 2010 with a fully-redesigned package with new artwork and an insert sheet with a full description of the concept behind this album.

Panopticon is intensely emotional and atmospheric Black Metal that transcends the genre
with both boots deeply submerged in the grim aggression that keeps the underground flame burning.

Blazing modern raw black metal seemlessly merges with American bluegrass and folk using a myriad of wind, stringed, and keyed instruments. Where other bands seem to force the blend of styles, Panopticon never falters.

This is black metal unafraid to experiment with other musical genres and styles. It is steeped in history, Pagan Norse mythology, and a well-educated philosophy of anarchism in support of a strong, small community versus a nation of complacency and spinelessness.

Panopticon proudly defends their political beliefs and does so intelligently with true strength and courage.
Panopticon can transform you and prepare you for the imminent collapse of industrialized society as we know it.

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