PANOPTICON - "Panopticon / Wheels Within Wheels" Split CD

Panopticon / Wheels Within Wheels - Split CD II

Cosmic, nature-inspired, trance-inducing, many-layered black metal compositions of the highest caliber from two very respected acts.

Descend once more into the empyrean, yet earthly. machinations of the universe! Panopticon and Wheels Within Wheels combine forces a second time - as nature intended - to present always deep philosophical whisperings and oftimes fear-inspiring intensity.

Incredibly dynamic Panopticon blends black metal with gorgeous post-rock and ambient music, Wheels Within Wheels pulses forth with another dreamy, astral escape from the dark conspiracies surrounding our fragile corporeal forms.

PANOPTICON / Wheels Within Wheels Split CD II

Panopticon / Wheels Within Wheels
"It's Later Than You Think" Pro-CDr
(limited pressing of Re-Issue)

"It's Later Than You Think" was the precursor to the astoundingly innovative Panopticon's "Collapse"
(on many 2009 Album of the Year lists).

Highlights include Panopticon's fireside folk/bluegrass version of the deeply sorrowful and enlightening pro-animal rights track "Speaking", originally a black metal song from their self titled classic "Panopticon".

Wheels Within Wheels offers their warmly pulsing, chillingly sinister in it's apparent innocence. A glimpse into the other sides of normality: dark conspiracies and astral escapism.Both bands feature members of the equally spiritual Doom metal act SEIDR. An absolute classic! This version will be limited to 100 copies.

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