Panopticon / When Bitter Spring Sleeps "split" CD

Panopticon / When Bitter Spring Sleeps "split" CD


This Pagan Flames CD offering features the mighty Panopticon's "on the subject of mortality" Part One (in three tracks) as well as three new recordings from When Bitter Spring Sleeps.

Panopticon / When Bitter Spring Sleeps "split" CD

Panopticon's "on the subject of mortality - part one" are the most honest and revealing Panopticon recordings thus far.

These songs are organic, stripped down, and uncompromising. A sorrowful - yet somehow hopeful - exploration of the theme of Death
and the purpose of existence. Fueled by ferocious, driving drumming and percussion, raging and furious
vocals, and the technical guitar shredding of A. Lundr.

But this time expect a melancholy
pervading that separates these works from Panopticon's usual message of "stand and fight for it". This time there is the feeling of questions unanswered and frustration at our very short time here on Earth.

Seek the emotional conclusion of "on the subject of mortality" along with exclusive tracks by Skagos available at Flenser records.

"When Bitter Spring Sleeps" offers their unique Black Metal nature worship as well. One vicious live ritual recorded in a nature preserve: A spell to conjure storms.

The other tracks feature WBSS' first studio recordings blended with ambience captured at the same nature preserve but brimming with depth and thick instrumentation.

One homage to the mystical powers of Fire and Water. And the final track closes the album concept with a tribute to the wonder and majesty of Almighty Death (a cover song written by etherial folk artist Arrowwood).

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