The Necro Continuum
Full Length CD

Government Issued Murder
7" Vinyl EP

is an intoxicatingly
hyperfast freezing-cold
black metal experience
sent forth to
obliterate the weak.

Scathing guitar sounds
with winding
and convoluted riffing,
bleak and unnerving
black metal shrieks,
coupled with
war noise atmospheres


The Necro Continuum" delves ever deeper into the sound and attitude only touched upon in their 7" Vinyl EP release "Gov't Issued Murder". The production on "The Necro Continuum" is even more scathing and ice-cold, the blazing guitar solos are a blizzard of bullets, the attitude has a take-no-prisoners disturbing sense-of-humour, futuristic, solid metal war machine.

Track Listing:
1) M.O.A.B.
2) Force of a Nation
3) Hellfire Revolt
4) Against Us
5) Attackron 666
6) Guerilla War (Jungle Strike)
7) Goats with Grenades
8) Curse from the Skies
Live from the Battlefield (Live set)

+Includes CD ROM Video "M.O.A.B"

Pro-Manufactured WAR PLAGUE patch available
Dimensions are 4.3" X 2.1"

We felt that this amazing recording deserved a proper release on limited edition 7" vinyl EP.

The songs are so hyperfast that the enitre 6-song EP was included on one vinyl EP with full-color jacket and artwork

Track Listing:
1) One Mission (To Kill, Combat and Destroy)
2) Advance
3) Feeding Worms
4) P.O.W.M.I.A.
5) War Head
6)...And War Did Rage