When Bitter Spring Sleeps - Star-Thrown CD Digipack

When Bitter Spring Sleeps celebrates the return to underground metal with the stunning new full-length, Star-Thrown. While honoring WBSS' pagan black metal roots, Star-Thrown adds choral vocals, and space atmospheric elements to its underground sound. In a bold move, the vocals performed by Lord Sardonyx are now entirely choral in style, somewhat akin to a cloister of secluded monks. Combined with the black metal guitars and ethereal guitar synth leads, this achieves not an "symphonic" sound, but the feel of a sort of "Cosmic Cathedral".

Mastering of STAR-THROWN was performed by the almighty Andrew D'Cagna, owner/engineer at Sacred Sound Recording and Mastering as well as member of such amazing acts as OBSEQUIAE, NECHOCHWEN, IRONFLAME, and COLDFELLS.

Star-Thrown is When Bitter Spring Sleeps' THIRD full-length album, following full-Length albums COVEN OF THE WOLVES and SPIRIT IN FLAMES, a self-titled demo, and a split album with the mighty PANOPTICON. Previous album SPIRIT IN FLAMES featured a very raw and heathen sound with heavy Bathory and Summoning leanings. Pagan black metal with clean vocals. Before that, COVEN OF THE WOLVES featured the primordial beauty of nature, cast into songs of melodic, earthbound pagan doom Featuring a cover and layout by Misty Visions Art (Wedrujacy Wiatr, Stworz, Fall, etc.)

Star-Thrown creates a cosmic atmosphere without sounding like other atmospheric metal acts. Instead of cold, digital synths, only purely analog instruments are used to conjure all sounds on the album. Instead of screeching, or roaring vocals, a chorus of ethereal chants. The metal aspect of the music itself claims inspiration from acts like Summoning and Bathory.

Star Thrown track-listing:
1. CosmiCathedraLumination
2. Lost Amidst This Moonlit Verdure
3. Astral Blood
4. From Soil To Stars
5. Eternity Speaks

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