Brulvahnatu - "Menstrual Extraction Ceremony" CD

Brulvahnatu - "Menstrual Extraction Ceremony" CD
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Brulvahnatu has been extremely productive over the last few years. All of his brilliant work has evolved and gnarled over the course of twelve releases in four years. "Menstrual Extraction Ceremony" is a veritable ripening of this bloated soggy cadaver.

As nightmarish and vividly contorted as the album is, a cohesive element of occasional melodicism and daring instrumentation lend to an atmospheric listen that invoke a myriad of grim bellows from the swamps of inner hell.

Kib Sreng gathers an authoritative armory of metal influences from the entire spectrum to weave these immense and staggering compositions, rendering this album completely uncategorizeable yet imminent and with a new level of effectiveness. This album is artistic, original and innovative, even entertaining and stirring so look for this slab of mind bending insanity

Album preview :

This Pagan Flames CD release features a 16 page full color booklet with photographs of the artists own paintings representing the violent inner world of Brulvanahtu.

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