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The Gathering of Shadows is a clandestine gathering of Black Metal musicians and devotees in the seclusion of the deep Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

The venue is the forest and the night sky.

There are no restrictions placed
on the musicians or the audience

No money is charged or paid to anyone.

Two DVDs present 3 years of elite
US black metal live performances
lit by the full moon and flame of torches.

Bands Included:
Krieg, Demoncy, Crimson Moon, Abyssmal Nocturne, Dagon, Nachtmystium, Tenebrous, Legions of Astaroth, Ibex Throne, Terra Noir, Ashdautus

DVD 1 Contents:
DVD 2 Contents: Click Here to ORDER on DVD MAIN PAGE

"Rise of the Fullmoon Temple" June 10th, 2006

Legions of Astaroth
Abyssmal Nocturne
Crimson Moon


"Night of the Black Pentacost"- June 6th, 2004

Ibex Throne
Terra Noir

"Cults of the Black Flame" June 4th 2005


All videos used with permission.
2004 Video courtesy of Ibex Throne
2005 video courtesy of A. Moody
2006 video courtesy of Pagan Flames Productions
and Hate War Productions

Dagon 2006
Demoncy 2006
Nightbringer 2004
Nachtmytium 2005
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An eloquent and comprehensive report of the 2005 Gathering
written by J.B. Bauer of Full Moon Productions
is available for viewing HERE complete with photos.

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