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OLD GOAT - "Slaves Of War"
OLD GOAT is Black Filth Metal from Alaska.

Old Goat is like drowning in a pool of icy, black sludge. Murky, filthy atmospheres conjured by multiple bass guitar tracks, bizarre, guttural, vocal croaks, screams, and roars, and rolling, thundering drumbeats. All sloshing together in an
overflowing cauldron of molten metal on the deck of a grim and myst-covered longship.

Video DVD Contents:

Live 04-09-05 at VFW Hall Tracklist:
1- Slaves of War
2- Sea Hag
3- Ride of the Dead
4- Oskorie
5- Marauder

Live 12-29-04 at VFW Hall Tracklist:
1- Fossegrim
2- Deildigast
3- Huldrefolk
4- Draug

Bonus Old Goat DVD Xtras:
"Into the Valley of Horns" - NEW Music Video for original 2003 Old Goat demo song.
Scanned original lyric sheets penned by vocalist Stagnator
Live Show Poster Gallery
Band Bio + Photos
Buried Filth!!

Audio CD Contents: "Slaves Of War" 2005 Full-length Studio Album.
(2005 Pagan Flames Productions/ Cloven Hoof Productions)

1- Slaves of War
2- Draug
3- Sea Hag
4- Deildigast
5- Fossegrim
6- Ride of the Dead
7- Oskorie
8- Huldrefolk
9- Utburd
10- Marauder

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