PANOPTICON - KENTUCKY - 12" Double Vinyl Gatefold LP

PANOPTICON - KENTUCKY features two vinyl LPs,
a full-color gatefold layout with lyrics and an explanation sheet insert featuring the artist's explanation of the concept behind the recording.
Sorry about the high price on this one, but we promise this is a high-quality deluxe collector's item!
Blazing modern raw black metal seemlessly merges with American bluegrass and folk using a myriad of wind, stringed, and keyed instruments. Where other bands seem to force the blend of styles, Panopticon never falters!

PANOPTICON - "Kentucky" Vinyl 2xLP

This is Panopticon's very personal tribute to the artist's birth state of Kentucky - to it's natural enviromental beauty and the strength of it's people throughout their history.

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Panopticon is intensely emotional and atmospheric Black Metal that transcends the genre
with both boots deeply submerged in the grim aggression that keeps the underground flame burning.

This is black metal unafraid to experiment with other musical genres and styles. It is steeped in history, Pagan Norse mythology, and a well-educated philosophy of anarchism in support of a strong, small community versus a nation of complacency and spinelessness.
Panopticon proudly defends the artist's ideals and does so intelligently with true strength and courage.
Panopticon can transform you and prepare you for the imminent collapse of industrialized society as we know it.