Pagan Flames presents Horn's "Naturkraft" on Gatefold Double Vinyl LP


1  So Kalt Wie Nie Zuvor
2  Deute die Zeichen stehen auf Sturm
3  Marsjerende
4  Space Above Capacity
5  Akustikeinschub
6  Landscapes on Hold II
7  Mit Macht der Welt zu widerstehen
8  Naturkraft

"Naturkraft" is nature-themed black metal with non-traditional folk elements. The album reigns above mediocrity with intelligent melodicism, monumental guitar harmonies and brilliantly-crafted arrangements. These songs breathe with personality and unique identity to create a truly infectious classic. Each emotionally-powerful track stands triumphant on its own yet simultaneously flow into an ocean of perfect synthesis. Sole band member Nerrath draws from a vast palette of influences to perform a complex and eclectic album that leaves a listener mournful yet somehow exultant of victories past.

Naturkraft was originally released on CD by Black Blood Records (Germany) in 2008. In a few years, this album had made true impact on the underground and has garnered much attention based solely on the album's extraordinary quality of the compositions and it's pure memorability.

Naturkraft is now presented on black double vinyl LP with all-new Gatefold layout designed by Horn and this pressing is limited to 300 copies.

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Updated 4/23/17