Our idealogy:
Satans Almighty Penis is violent, underground, experimental black Metal. S.A.P. is not a joke, and is above all not a parody of Black Metal. Our music represents rebellion, hatred, and violence against the music industry, against the unquestioning cattle who walk among us, and against the ignorance of religion which brainwashes and blinds so many from thinking for themselves. We perform this music because it is our true path and it is the ultimate artistic expression of the darkness we embrace within ourselves.

The Truth About Our Band Name:
Our band name has no history or meaning. It's purpose is to offend and shock so that it remains burnt into the memory of anyone who encounters it. We believe that it represents our insidious music perfectly. Many have misjudged us by our band name alone while not bothering to read our lyrics or even listen to our music. When these children grow up and lose their interest in music, art,and darkness, they shall be forgotten - but we will remain METAL to the grave.

Our Lyrics:
Those who are intelligent and patient enough to read can find the inspiration behind our lyrics and imagery in such brilliant writers as Clark Ashton Smith and H.P. Lovecraft. We seek to create and experiment with soundscapes within the black metal realm that conjure tales of the Olden Ones of Starry Skies, the all-devouring darkness and chaos, and our undying hatred of human stupidity and greed.

Our Music:
While it shall always be Black Metal, our music evolves as we do, shifting into different forms of chaotic melody. We don't pretend to stay true to a trend that claims to follow no trends! Our music is filthy, un-commercial, and non-marketable and we don't care if you like it. It is composed for us and the few solitary dark souls who can comprehend its power.

Current Members:

SYNTAX A - Vox, Drums

LORD SARDONYX - Guitars, Bass