1/30/06 - Three tracks have been recorded for a forthcoming seven inch which will be released on 6/6/06 in ultimate tribute to our dark
Lord Lucifer.

4/18/05 - Music Video for "Empire of the Necromancers" from 2004 CD "Into the Cunt of Chaos" is available on a DVD from Pagan Flames Productions. Info: "Death to Mental Slaves" Black Metal compilation DVD/CD set. (Pro DVD + CD, full color full-size DVD case) 26 bands, 2 camera shot, or band-provided live videos, exclusive pro music-videos, and a bonus audio CD with exclusive tracks. Compilation also includes audio tracks from "Sanguis", 90's black metal band featuring early work from S.A.P. guitarist Lord Sardonyx, and D H N, anti-human doom metal solo project of Lord Sardonyx.
More info at http://geocities.com/paganflames666/  Buy it at: Blackmetaldvds.com for $15 shipped anywhere.

S.A.P. are recording new tracks for a split 7" with LA's Nokturne featuring exclusive tracks from each. Other new tracks will appear on upcoming S.A.P. release "A Plague of Evil" 2005 Track titles: "Cursed with Weakness . . . Enslaved by Fear", "Realm of Disease", "Consuming Infidels", "Spoiled Doctrine", and "Scarred with Life."

A newer and better version of our song "Cursed With Weakness...Enslaved By Fear" can be heard by clicking here

1/25/05 - We now have t-shirts! Visit www.blackmetaldvds.com to order one for cheap.

11/25/04 - Things are going well, we have recorded two songs for a possible 7". We're not sure whats next for us, but we are writing some pretty good songs. We also discovered a song that never made it to the last album because we forgot about it, we're going to add vocals to it and get it out somehow.

8/22/04 - Syntax A is now playing drums for Satan's Almighty Penis. Rehearsing for our next release is underway and going well. Possibly a new release by the end of the year. Stay Morbid.

4/25/04 - www.blackmetaldvds.com offers online ordering of our new album for $9.

4/14/04 - "Into the Cunt of Chaos" CDs are finally here, everything looks and sounds great.

3/24/04 - It has been confirmed, the new album is being sent to be pressed as we speak.
You will soon succumb to the cunt of chaos.

1/28/04 - As of now, we are still trying to finance the release of "Into the Cunt of Chaos." The album has been done for a year. You can download an MP3 from it here.