"Torn By The Shaft of Satan" 1999
1.  Aaaabbshubtgd-the-Unmerciful
2.  Darkshriek-of-Flemnegath
3.  Molestation of the Pathetic Virgin Bitch mp3
4.  Cum Stained the Bloodred Castle Walls
5.  Gunfucked
6.  Torn by the Shaft of Satan

"Into the Cunt of Chaos" 2004

1.  Above the Dawn-Lit World
2.  Befouling the Heart of Deities mp3
3.  Perishing Jehovah
4.  Crawl To Your Cross (Bathory)
5.  Burial
6.  Tentacles of the Ancient Ones
7.  The Phosphorescent Abyss
8.  A Thousand Souls
9.  Empire of the Necromancers

Both of these albums were released and self- financed by Satan's Almighty Penis and are available from Satan's Almighty Penis. Satan's Almighty Penis sees no direct need, and has little desire to be signed to a label that will do things for us, though we would like to entertain suitable offers from worthy labels. If you or your label are interested in making Satan's Almighty Penis an offer of any kind, please email Lord Sardonyx.